Forms of Freedom

About: This research project is about studying the educational justice work of three Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) creative public pedagogy collectives: SOLHOT, The Aadizookaan, and The Space Program/Fire in Little Africa. Each collective has not only imagined radical forms of education but successfully enacted them through speculative, ancestral, and/or embodied cultural production. The project explores the following questions: 1) How do these three creative public pedagogy collectives evolve to sustain themselves over time amidst changing conditions? 2) How do their cultural products of making/educating operate as radical forms of pedagogy?

Personnel: Emery Petchauer & Ruth Nicole Brown (lead organizers), Esmé Bailey (research assistant).

Methods: Participatory case study, collectivity, artist exchange sessions.

Ethical outcomes: Curating new alliances among collectives, amplifying their education justice work to public audiences, building capacity for public facing exhibit.

Funding: Spencer Foundation Racial Equity Special Research Grant (2021-2023).