This is my now page that names what I am focussing on right now – spring 2024.


  • I’m teaching an undergraduate course on critical literacies and communities. The course takes up this topic via three frameworks: visionary (in the Boggs/emergent tradition), speculative, and participatory. I plan to thread the readings of three novels through as well: 1) The Marrow Thieves by Cherie Dimaline; 2) Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler; and 3) The Girl with All the Gifts by Mike Carey. I’ve made a shift in how I am thinking about assignments in the class too, reconceptualizing them as minor experiments instead. I’ve also shifted my thinking about guest speakers (educators, organizers, artists), now thinking of these classes as studio sessions instead.
  • I’m teaching an undergraduate senior seminar at the intersection of writing and writing pedagogies. The course focuses on “flash” genres of writing early on — lots of cool pieces in Brevity — for students to kick out a high volume of written pieces early on. In about the middle of the semester, we shift toward writing pedagogies. And at the end, we’ll do some creating at the intersection of writing and sound studies. This final part of the class draws from the full-on sound studies version of this course I taught a few years ago and some recent materials in the soundwriting pedagogies series.


  • Working on an article for a special issue of International Review of Qualitative Research on artful inquiry. The article continues my collaboration with Ruth Nicole Brown as we write about the exchange between sound and script in our Forms of Freedom project, and our audio paper (composed entirely in Ableton Live) that was recently published in Seismograf Peer.
  • Finishing a web text for Ground Works, which published arts-integrative exemplars. The web text adopts some of the materials created during Forms of Freedom (linked above).
  • Finalizing an academic article from Sound Making Publics where we think about enclosures and what they afford in a community-based music for social change program for Black and Latinx youth — and what this mean for the field of English Education.


Here are a few of the key items I have at the top of my reading list this semester. Some are connected to projects ongoing or coming up, and others I’ve simply been wanting to read for a while. As I always say, the books ain’t gonna read themselves!