This is my now page that names what I am focussing on right now – fall 2022.

I am on sabbatical for the fall 2022 (my first one ever!). During this time, I will be a visiting scholar at the Racial Literacy Project at Teachers College, Columbia University. This engagement shapes some of what I will be focusing on this semester.


  • I will be curating a performance/teach-in at Teachers College connected to the second year of Freedom of Forms, a research and collaboration project funded by the Spencer Foundation. The curation will be in collaboration with graduate courses on abolitionist teaching and hip-hop education.
  • I will also be organizing an open studio session at Teachers College with the Freedom of Forms collectives.
  • Finally, I’ll give a public lecture at Teachers College in November. More on that to come.


  • My Freedom of Forms collaborator and I have started writing through ideas about the first year of the project. We envision a short book — conceptual and manifesto-ish — about aesthetic forms, performance, collectives, and worlds past abolition. We think this book’s home should be with Minor Compositions.
  • With Sound Making Publics, this will be a semester of writing (and other forms of scholarly communication) for the research team even as creative activities continue in Pontiac and Detroit. We’ve already written one article that operates on a distinction between music and sound art — as we explore where things like noise, drone, and duration go in literacy for songwriting community spaces. Next up is our writing of what we feel like will be a signature piece: a percussive feminist account of how Black and Latinx girls inspire one another through the songs they write and perform.


I will be taking on some deep learning in sound design by enrolling in courses at Berklee College of Music and organizing a small learning/creative community with fellow scholar-artists. This learning is to advance the kinds of sonic collaging I explored last year as a way of making sense of how creative collectives talk about sustaining themselves.

Fall 2022 location: