This is my now page that names what I’m up to right now – spring 2022.

I’m focusing on two research projects: 1) Freedom of Forms, funded by the Spencer Foundation, and Sound Making Publics, funded by the MSU Office of Research and Innovation. Both projects have me exchanging ideas, creations, and insights with activist artists, including youth in a music for social change program in my own city. I’m reading and thinking through ideas from performance studies — like this, speculative art making, and sociopolitical forms in concert with these projects. I’m also teaching my Young Adult Lit + Antiracist Teaching course and organizing a public conversation with activist education scholars about contradictions and theories of change in their collectives.

I’m making beats with kids, creating a good workflow in my new MPC Live II, interviewing sound artists who taught in a program I facilitated last year, and exploring a method of sonic collaging with interview data in Ableton.