This is my now page that names what I am focussing on right now – spring 2023.

I am on research leave spring 2023. During this time, I will be a visiting scholar in the Department of Urban Education at Rutgers University-Newark. This engagement shapes some of what I will be focusing on this semester.


  • I’ll give a public lecture at Express Newark on March 2nd, sponsored by the Department of Urban Education and Global Urban Studies Program.
  • I’ll also be in ongoing conversation with the Department of Urban Education as they make early plans for a doctoral program and continue their rebuild.


  • My Freedom of Forms collaborator and I have started writing through ideas about the first year of the project. We envision a short book — conceptual and manifesto-ish — about aesthetic forms, performance, collectives, and worlds past abolition. We think this book’s home should be with Minor Compositions.
  • With Sound Making Publics, I am revising an article about “sonic play” and writing a first draft of what we feel like will be a signature piece from the collaboration: an account of how Black and Latinx girls inspire one another through the songs they write and perform. My lecture last semester at Teachers College helped move these ideas forward a great deal as did reading Daphne A. Brooks’ monumental Liner Notes for the Revolution.


I continue with my advanced professional certificate program at Berklee College of Music Online by taking a course in synthesis and digital signal processing. Modulation, LFOs, envelopes, etc.! This learning is pushing me deeper in to Ableton Live and the sounds generated from my Freedom of Forms project.